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FREE Templates & Sections

A growing library of Template Kits.

Each Kit is made up of multiple templates that work together visually, and are beautifully tailored for a specific niche.

Once you find a template that you like, you can directly import it into your library, or use it to create a new page.

Combine templates to create inspiring, quality websites in less time, with less effort.

Elementor Resources

More than 100 Free, Stylish Templates.

New Sections and Templates Each Week.

Download Free Templates for Elementor

More than 10 Free, Stylish Templates.

Some for use with Free Elementor...some for Pro.

Katka Elementor Template Pack

170+ responsive  sections  and pro  page templates, ready to be used in your next Elementor project. They are created to support you in the daily work by allowing you to save time with much faster page creations.


Quickly Create Any Marketing Page You’ll Ever Need for your sales funnels.

12 complete templates that include everything from ‘sales pages’ to ‘affiliate attraction pages’, ‘OTO pages’ to ‘thank you pages’…and much, much more!

Free Elementor Templates for Marketing

3 Free Templates from Custom Press

We have built ready to use page templates just for you. You can easily import these page templates into your website and edit the content easily. 

Free Elementor Templates by Mike Griffin

Some Nice Optin Forms

Today we are launching our first free Elementor Template Bundle. We hope your will find it helpful. Please check the detail of Each template as below:​

The Landing Factory

More than 25 Gorgeous Templates

More than 25 Gorgeous Free Elementor Templates to download

Ferdy Korpershoek

Ferdy has an assortment of free Elementor Templates & Sections along with excellent training videos.

Free Templates from LaunchParty


Download and import over 500 free section templates built for the Elementor page builder. You can choose your border radius style before downloading if you prefer straight edges vs curved edges on buttons/columns/widgets

Free Elementor sections and templates

More than 20 Templates from Cake

Perfectly Crafted Beautiful WordPress Templates
Growing collection of free Web Templates. Most of our templates are [ and will be ] available for elementor and divi. Both are super powerful tools available to build up your wordpress website using drag & drop without any technical skills needed.

Power Pack

10 Stylish Templates Available for download.

191 Stylish Elementor Templates

This page is a collective of the sharing & creativity from the Elementor Community.

Thanks to all who contributed!​

How to Easily Import Templates

Elementor Template Import
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1. In your dashboard go to Elementor > Library.

2. Click the Import Template button.

3. Choose a .json file and click Import Now.

4. The template will now be in the “My Templates” section of the Elementor Editor.

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Most frequent questions and answers

Many of the templates featured on this page are able to be used in Elementor Free version. Some of the Templates are only for Elementor Pro. But, you can still use the free version. It’s just that some of the pro features won’t work and you can many times substitute with other plugins. Since these are free, you risk nothing by trying them out.

Use these templates on personal or commercial projects as you like, but you can not reuse or resell the actual templates as your own creation. To do that you need to seek the creator’s permission.

You will import the enclosed .json file directly into the Elementor Library from your WordPress Dashboard. Be sure to open up the .zip files and see if there are other files such as .css, license etc. If there are no other files, you can import the .zip files directly into Elementor Library. 

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