Hi there, I'm Mark Armstrong from Deerfield Beach, Florida.

The Real Negotiator

I started iElementor.com as a hub for all video tutorials being created by the many Fans & Users of Elementor.

Each Day Elementor User's make training videos to share with others...

Seems, just about each day one of the Elementor Users makes a new discovery or finds a useful shortcut and makes a video to share with others.


This is the great thing I’ve found out about the Open Source Community.


People helping each other on their journey of designing discovery.


And for me, this website is really awesome because I get to watch each video I post here and have gained a huge amount of knowledge & shortcut techniques.



Everyone asks me..

“If Elementor is so great, why do they just give away this awesome tool away for free?”

WHY? Because, Elementor is open source-just like WordPress.


And, just like WordPress, Elementor has attracted many Developers who are building add ons & customizations which they hope to sell to niche markets.

I’m working on some products, myself 🙂

I'm not a designer...

Prior to downloading Elementor, I had to struggle with building decent web pages. It took me forever & they never really looked polished. 


But, now that’s all changed.


You see, I’m a Growth Hacker & an Angel Investor. 

When I get an idea for a new marketing campaign or or new way of presenting an idea, I have to visualize that concept & present it to others.

Speed is the key metric.

In my business, “If you’re not First, You’re Last!”

Sometimes, I even hired Designers & Coders, but it was frustrating because it’s hard to explain to someone else the exact idea that you have in your mind. You know what I mean.


Plus, as a Member of the Elementor Family, I’m never alone.


There are thousands of active helpers in our Private FaceBook Group if you ever do get stuck, and it’s 100% Free!


And, the Elementor support team is top notch should you really have any serious issues.

I felt like a hostage.

I wasted a lot of money that I could have put to better use. 

And, when I wanted to make changes or tweak my website, or I wanted to do A B Testing?

Forget It! These Delays killed my creativity & momentum by holding me hostage to their time schedules.


And, of course it always cost more money for each little change I wanted to make. 

A Growth Hacker is constantly tweaking & measuring results,

I am not affiliated with the team from Elementor...

…except as a Pro-Elementor customer.


I am NOT a Professional Designer or Coder.


I’m just a Growth Hacker / Angel Investor who uses Elementor to quickly design my pages whenever a new idea comes to mind ( and that’s constantly. 🙂


Elementor is by far, the easiest to use WordPress Page Builder ever invented.


When I first started Online in the pre-Mosaic Browser days, it would take 3 whole days just to HTML code one web page.


THREE WHOLE DAYS-if you could even find someone that knew the language. (and it cost hundreds of dollars per page.) 


So, I’m ecstatic that there is a suite of tools and a budding ecosystem for Elementor. I have taught kids & grandmas how to pick up the basics in a just a few minutes. And, everyone LOVES the fact that it’s FREE & ALWAYS will be. 


For my Best of the Caribbean Project, this is a must. We will be training the people in the islands how to use Elementor to promote their island’s Exports & Tourism.

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Happy Page Creation. Now, send us your videos so we can all continue to learn & grow.