How To Use Various Widgets To Build A WordPress Page

How To Build A WordPress Website Page With Elementor Page Builder. Yesterday I felt inspired to see what Elementor page builder could do, so I set out to re-create a very popular website. Now normally to build something like this would require a lot of custom code and just wouldn’t be possible for normal people with normal lives. But with Elementor page builder, I was able to build this website in 40 minutes. So if you want to know how to build a website, or how to create a website, or how to build a WordPress website, I think this video is going to get you on the right track. While Elementor page builder for WordPress is free, there were two portions of this website that I use the Pro version to create. The form on the top and the pricing table towards the bottom of the page. These two elements are only available in the Pro version of Elementor.